Your Success Partner

    Stepping into Change
  • Do you ever feel like you keep hitting walls and just can't seem to get in the flow?
  • Perhaps you are overwhelmed, confused, stuck or frustrated
  • Do you feel disconnected from your mission and vision?
  • Would you feel more at ease if things were simplified and streamlined?
  • Are you ready for things to be different?


If you answered yes to any of the above, then let me guide you through the internal noise and external chaos without judgment, labels, guilt, or shame. Let's explore the space you're in together and create the flow and ease you desire!

I empower women and streamline businesses

so you can live on purpose

and your business can fulfill its mission


I have a unique ability to spot areas with lightening speed where there are disconnects or roadblocks that cause confusion, overwhelm, and a lot of stress!
Providing a safe environment, I bring insight and clarity to those situations that keep women and busiensses stuck, and move them into a smooth flow in their day.


Clients Typically Are

  • Entrepreneurs / Small business owners
  • Creative and Intuitive Women and Men
  • Those that have a passion in their business and want to make a big difference

who are:

  • Overwhelmed, putting out fires and unfocused
  • Frustrated that they can't accomplish their bigger "WHY"
  • Ready to take Courageous Steps to uplevel themselves and their business


No more procrastination--NOW is the time to step up and SHINE!

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Jody Owen


  • "I had the enlightening experience of working with Jody.

    She took the time to really listen to what is important to me and what I am trying to achieve, and in a matter of minutes, she helped me identify and implement actions and systems that immediately that helped me gain order, clarity and freedom from procrastination, worry and anxiety."

    -- Diane M. Bolden,

    Founder/President of Synchronistics Coaching & Consulting

  • My biggest a-ha was that I could AND should use my frustrations (bodily feedback) as a barometer to tell me when I'm out of synch with my surroundings.

    --Kathy Church

    Sensible Spending

  • You knew right away what the issues were. You are very tuned into space and organizational problems.

    Understanding what to do seems to come naturally to you.

    --Erika Young

    Tailor Made Budgets

  • "Right On" does not begin to describe the WOW factor that Jody brings to an over-the-top holistic business session!

    It was not just one little piece we focused on, it was the whole juicy experience. Jody guided me and my business to the level that I wanted to be operating on and the issues started solving themselves!


    --Lucinda Lintz

    Abundance in Business